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    18 Things That Are So Damn True When You're The Gross One In Your Relationship

    You're a self-appointed pimple popper and proud.

    1. You often reply to your S.O.'s cute messages with something like this.

    2. And have been known to ruin a lovely moment by farting.

    3. Locking the door when you go to the toilet isn't really something you think about.

    4. You often tell your partner about the minute details of your bowel movements.

    5. You're always inspecting them for something to pick and preen at, like a rogue blackhead.

    6. So if they get a spot you'll happily volunteer to pop it.

    7. You constantly find new ways to gross the love of your life out.

    8. But sometimes you go to do something disgusting in public and have to remember where you are.

    9. You're prone to licking their face ~just because~.

    10. Rather than feel disgusted, you feel a sense of pride when your S.O. does a gross fart.

    11. And even prouder when they confess to doing a monstrous shit.

    12. You'll always be there to brush away any bogeys hanging from your S.O.'s nose.

    13. Or to pick out a bit of ear wax.

    14. If you smell a bit, you openly encourage them to smell how much you stink.

    15. And are no stranger to unleashing a potent fart under the duvet and wafting it.

    16. When something gross happens to them you will insist on all the juicy details.

    17. You're actually great at looking after your S.O. when they're sick because puke and snotty tissues don't faze you.

    18. And best of all, they don't have to feel embarrassed around you because you'd never judge them for doing something gross.