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21 Things Everyone Who Talks A Lot Knows To Be True

You find it really hard to give people the silent treatment.

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1. Your constant talking got you into trouble at school.

"Chatty" was a word used to describe you in reports.
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"Chatty" was a word used to describe you in reports.

2. Especially if you were anywhere near your best friend.

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3. Sometimes you forget what the point of what you were saying was.

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4. And you've actually interrupted yourself before.


"So, a bit of gossip for you – well I suppose it's not really gossip if you get what I mean like what does it mean to gossip? I just..."

5. Because you say so much, the risk of saying something you shouldn't feels greatly increased.


6. And it means you've accidentally overshared more than once.


7. You're usually the last one to finish your meal because you have to talk between eating.


Even if it means having to constantly cover your mouth while you're talking, you'll keep at it.

8. You only ever pause while talking because you need to quickly catch your breath.

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9. If there's a day when you're not quite as chatty, everyone thinks something is wrong.

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10. And people often assume your love of talking means you must always be really confident.

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11. Losing your voice is one of the worst things that can happen to you.


12. And you end up taking ages to feel better because you insist on talking through the pain.

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13. You find it really hard to give someone the silent treatment.


14. When you're drunk, your talking reaches a whole new level.


15. Sometimes you're not 100% invested in what you're actually saying but you don't know how to stop.

"I should have stopped 20 minutes ago but I'm on a roll now" – you, often.

"I should have stopped 20 minutes ago but I'm on a roll now" – you, often.

16. You hate when people mistake you striking up a conversation with them as flirting.

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17. Especially because you're pretty happy to try and talk to anyone.

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18. Small talk doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, in fact you've got a knack for it.

"Hahahaha, mortgages, am I right everyone?"

"Hahahaha, mortgages, am I right everyone?"

19. If there's no-one to talk to, you end up tweeting loads instead.


20. You sometimes imagine what you'd be like on a chat show, because you'd have so much to say.

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21. And you don't really give a fuck if someone tells you to shut up.

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No, I will not shut up, I will NEVER shut up.