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    18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Look Really Innocent

    Nobody ever expects you to swear.

    1. You're frequently mistaken for being younger than you are.

    2. Because you look so innocent, people feel confident telling you gossip because you obviously wouldn't tell anyone.

    3. No matter how old you are, everyone will assume you've never done anything remotely sexual in your life.

    4. So if you say anything about sex, people are completely shocked .

    5. People your own age will go "aww" at you pretty often.

    6. Trying to look angry and be taken seriously about it can be really, really difficult.

    7. Someone has probably told you they want to "put you in their pocket".

    8. Or apologised for swearing around you.

    9. So nobody expects it when you come out with a swear word.

    10. You've been labelled "the innocent one" in your friendship group.

    When you're the innocent friend and you try and tell one of your hoe stories. 🙄

    11. Whenever you make a real effort to look less innocent, you end up looking like a kid playing dress-up.

    12. People sometimes assume you're a little bit naive about life and so can be kind of patronising.

    13. The only compliment you ever really get is “you’re cute".

    14. And so many people have squished your face.

    15. You appreciate that trying to be sexy when you look so innocent feels awkward AF.

    16. You're just assumed to be a nice person.

    17. Which means nobody would suspect any of the bitchy or mean stuff you ever think.

    18. And though you hate looking innocent sometimes, you definitely know how to use it to get out of trouble.