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    Updated on Oct 21, 2018. Posted on Oct 24, 2016

    21 Things Everyone Obsessed With Halloween Will Understand

    Being irrationally jealous of anyone born on Halloween.

    1. You start getting excited for it pretty much the moment summer is over.

    2. All of your favourite movies are Halloween-related.

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    3. And your obsession with Halloween movies probably started at a pretty young age.

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    Probably thanks to Halloweentown tbh.

    4. The year you became too old to trick-or-treat was devastating, and you still miss getting free sweets.

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    5. You understand that around Halloween it's perfectly acceptable for your diet to change a bit.

    what i say: i love halloween what u think i mean: i am a wannabe goth what i really mean: i eat candy breakfast lunch and dinner in october

    6. You get genuinely excited when you see all the Halloween decorations popping up in shops.

    7. And your house ends up filled with half the Halloween aisle every year.

    8. You like your pumpkin carvings to be perfect and take it pretty seriously.

    9. You dread the idea of spending even one Halloween with no plans.

    Twitter: @FreddyAmazin

    Sorting Halloween plans is way more stressful than sorting New Years Eve ones.

    10. You're definitely the type of person to make a ~spooky~ playlist.

    11. Clothes that are a costume to some are just your regular year-round attire.

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    12. Even though you could watch them whenever, you know there's something wonderful about Halloween movies coming on TV.

    13. And your favourite episodes of any series are always the Halloween ones.


    14. You can't help but be incredibly envious of people who actually have their birthday on Halloween.


    Unless you're one of those lucky people of course.

    15. You don't believe in doing things by halves when it comes to costumes.


    16. So you love it when you find someone as equally obsessed with you, and you can do couples or group costumes.

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    17. If you have pets, you also make them get into the spirit of Halloween.

    18. If you see any products that have Halloween limited editions, they have to be yours.

    19. You definitely go all out when you host a Halloween party.

    Kim Atkinson Fiorini / Facebook: 169866862192

    20. Or you make sure you know where the best event is.

    21. So nothing is more upsetting to you than when Halloween falls on a weekday.

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