19 Things Everyone Who Really Loves Baking Will Understand

    It's normal to stay up watching videos of people baking bread, OK?

    1. You're addicted to pretty much any show that involves baking.

    2. And nothing pisses you off like watching a TV show and seeing someone baking all wrong.

    3. You deeply mistrust the idea of baking cakes in the microwave.

    4. You're a maths genius when it comes to converting measurements now.

    5. You have a list of products that would help you achieve your baking dreams.

    6. You're an appointed cake-maker for all of your loved ones' birthdays.

    7. You signed up to Pinterest just to make a ~baking inspiration~ board.

    8. You have abnormally large quantities of random ingredients.

    9. You get pissed off when someone assumes it's easy, because actually baking is basically a science.

    10. You're pretty sure your friends love your baking as much as they love you.

    11. Which is perfect, because when you're broke it's your go-to gift.

    12. You have strong feelings about people thinking muffins and cupcakes are the same.

    13. You're running out of room for all your aesthetically pleasing cookbooks.

    14. You have an irrational dislike of at least one baked good because it literally never goes right.

    15. You're partial to some midnight baking.

    16. As well as stress baking.

    17. You frequently get into a rabbit hole of baking videos on YouTube.

    18. You low-key get quite emotional when something has gone wrong.

    19. But when it does go right, it's the best damn feeling.