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19 Things You'll Know If You're Actually An Old Couple

You have long, detailed conversations about what you had for lunch.

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1. A trip to a homeware shop is the best kind of trip.

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Because you get to smell all the scented candles.

2. And your evenings out together revolve around cosy pubs rather than clubs.

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And the pubs have to do good food, obviously.

3. You share addictions to the same reality TV shows.


4. And a few of them are almost definitely about weddings.


Don't Tell the Bride, Say Yes to The Dress, I Found The Gown... The list goes on.

5. You can text each other minute details about your day and know that they'll be enthusiastic about it.

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6. You bake each other things as a way to show affection.

Jasmin Nahar
Jasmin Nahar

7. And one of your favourite things to do is make a meal together.

8. You enjoy sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and just chatting.

9. Although you're partial to just reading in comfortable silence, ~together~.

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10. Your ideal mini break involves going somewhere quiet with beautiful scenery.

11. So you can go on plenty of long walks.

12. And all those mini breaks mean you've considered buying one of these.

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13. You like doing DIY stuff together.


Even if it ends in a few arguments about the mysterious missing screw that the bookcase actually really needs.

14. You've gone halves on a big kitchen purchase.

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15. You both always want to leave a party early and relax at home so you never feel like you're hindering your S.O.'s night out.


16. And you're both experts at thinking of excuses to avoid going out in the first place.

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"Yeah, we can't make it to that '90s club night, we're both sick. Yes. How unfortunate."

17. Your attempts to watch films after 9pm end with you both crashed out before 10.


18. And you have seriously considered getting matching loungewear.

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19. Because you're at your happiest when you can both just put on your pyjamas.

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