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19 Things You'll Know If You're Actually An Old Couple

You have long, detailed conversations about what you had for lunch.

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1. A trip to a homeware shop is the best kind of trip.

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Because you get to smell all the scented candles.

2. And your evenings out together revolve around cosy pubs rather than clubs.

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And the pubs have to do good food, obviously.


7. And one of your favourite things to do is make a meal together.

8. You enjoy sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and just chatting.

11. So you can go on plenty of long walks.

12. And all those mini breaks mean you've considered buying one of these.

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14. You've gone halves on a big kitchen purchase.

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18. And you have seriously considered getting matching loungewear.

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19. Because you're at your happiest when you can both just put on your pyjamas.

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