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21 Things Only Picky Eaters Will Understand

No, I can't just scrape the sauce off.

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3. And it's a rare occasion when you can order something straight off the menu without a request of some sort.

I'm not a picky eater 😅😅😅

4. All of your fast food orders have the "special order" sticker of shame.

My 'no bun oil' order gets me a Special sticker. Awesome! #Whataburger


12. You've become an expert in quickly and efficiently picking out the bits you don't like.

Dear Qantas: please stop putting devil peas in my food. Signed: I picked them all out. #fb


13. And when it's too much effort to pick out, you've learnt to eat around things.

@nymaddie update: I ate around the salad.

Even if it means your meal ends up looking like a complete and utter shitshow.

15. Whenever possible, the components of your meal must be kept separate.

When ever I cook my own food I separate it to little piles so nothing touches


18. You get very worried about your picky ways hurting someone's feelings.

StudioCanal / Working Title Films

It's not that you hate their cooking, it's just that you hate a particular ingredient or two.

19. Explaining what you will and won't eat to people gets really tiring.

"Well, ice cream is OK as long as it's in a cone. And I will eat strawberries but not strawberry-flavoured things and...should I continue?"

20. People don't understand that it's not always a matter of how things taste, but their texture too.

me: has wrong texture of food at dinner me: rages and starts crying [2 seconds later] me: i like the rice