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17 Things That Are Way Too True If You Can't Speak The Same Language As Most Of Your Family

Are your family secretly slagging you off or is that ​just​ your imagination?

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3. It's so frustrating when you can tell some family gossip is going on, but you don't understand quite enough to get the full, juicy story.


"So my cousin's name...something about university...was there, was there a swear word??"


8. You've accidentally nodded along to something you definitely weren't meant to nod along to.

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"Oh no, I'm not engaged. I don't know why I nodded and said I was. Please tell grandma I am definitely not engaged".


9. Someone will constantly remind you that a relative much younger than you is fluent.

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"Your 9-year-old cousin can speak Gujarati and Hindi fluently and you don't know how to write your name in it".

11. When you do try, you’ve had someone tell you ​that​ you pronounce with too much of an accent, and someone else say you pronounce it “too English”.

12. Sometimes a relative asks you to get them something and you stare vacantly trying to remember what the word means.

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"Get me the chamcha" *looks around kitchen* *walks around entire house in confusion* ..."a spoon. I need to get a spoon".