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19 Things BFFs Do That'd Be Weird To Do With Anyone Else

Talk in an accent for no reason.

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3. Text them about people you're in the same room with.

*Sends text to friend that's in same room* Text: somebody in this hoe stank💀 *Friend out loud: "You not lyin, I s…


4. Give them an exhaustive list of your medical issues and get them to diagnose you.


8. Go to their house and just nap.

9. Ask them to like your Instagram picture that's got no likes, to "get the ball rolling."


12. Say "we should hang out!" and then when you meet up, sit with them in silence.


16. Hang out at each other's homes when one of you isn't there.

Sometimes I go to allies house when she's not there to hang out with her animals :-)

18. Air all of your existential thoughts and philosophical musings, even if they were actually stupid.

Friendship: because I've said many dumb things & you acted like they were TED talks