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26 Things That Will Happen In Your Last Year Of Uni

Brb just crying in the library.

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3. You'll constantly be checking in on how other people are getting on with theirs, to gauge whether you should relax or be very, very worried.

9/10 if I'm asking if you started an assignment or studying it's because I haven't either and I want to make myself feel better


5. But unfortunately, so will everyone else.

Welcome to uni guys. The place where the library is always always full.

So you'll have to plan your trips strategically and go late at night or early before lectures.

6. You'll wonder if all these library trips are worth it after people tell you their graduate unemployment horror stories.

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"My cousin got a good degree from a top university three years ago and still hasn't found anything". Thank you. Thank you for telling me this.

7. You'll start to derive inexplicable levels of joy in checking out a book that someone has made notes in.

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Thank you kind stranger with the neat handwriting and good annotations, thank you.

8. Your back will hurt from the sheer amount of textbooks you have in your bag at any given time.

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14. And it's hard to go out and enjoy yourself because you'll randomly remember the impending doom of your deadlines.

When ur out partying and having a great time then remember u have a 8 page paper due in the A.M. 🙃


24. You will become weirdly attached to the buildings as it dawns on you that you will leave there soon.

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"Oh Lecture Centre, we had some good times didn't we? I shall miss you the most".

25. So you'll make the most of that final summer in your university's town.

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