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19 Little Things That Ruin Your Day If You're A Girl Under 5'3"

When people say "wow, you're so short!" as if you'd never realised.

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1. When the one thing you really want from a shop is on the top shelf.

2. And when people look at you oddly for using initiative to get it.

Pablo and I are Bestfriend goals. #shortgirlproblems

3. Someone pointing out your height as if you didn't know about it.

4. Or worse, resting their elbow on your head.

5. Trying, and failing, to put your luggage in an overhead compartment without injuring yourself.

Getty Images / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

6. Wanting to see how you look in the mirror, but it not being positioned with your height in mind.

7. When you go shopping for new jeans but most of them look like this.


8. And when something you like online isn't available in petite, so you have to work out how long it would look on you.

New Look / TV Globo / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

9. Finding out a younger relative is already taller than you.

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

10. When you buy something in a cropped length but it doesn't quite look cropped on you.

11. And getting pyjamas but then living in fear of tripping over them.

Unless you roll the waistband about five times.
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Unless you roll the waistband about five times.

12. When you sustain this terrible injury.

13. Taking a group selfie but having most of your face cropped out.

midnight donut runs #shortgirlproblems

14. When you go to a theatre or concert and have someone significantly taller in front of you.

15. When you have to spend more time adjusting all the gym equipment than you do working out.

16. Standing on packed public transport and your face ending up right by someone's armpit.

Warner Brothers

17. Or a stranger elbowing you in the head without realising, which happens way more than it should.

20th Century Fox

And they often don't apologise because they didn't see you.

18. When people think they can pick you up because you're "so little". / Disney

19. And finally, any time you have to try to get on a bar stool.

Getty Images / Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed