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    19 Things Naturally Photogenic People Will Never Relate To

    "Oh my god delete it now."

    1. Your camera roll is full of rejected selfies that didn't quite make the cut.

    2. "No, take it again!" is basically your catchphrase.

    3. As is "OH MY GOD DELETE THAT".

    4. Something just happens when a camera is on you, and you forget what the hell you're meant to do with your face.


    5. And if you try to smile it will never look like how you'd smile IRL.

    Nickelodeon / Paramount

    6. Add bad lighting into the mix and you don't even want to attempt a photo.


    7. You have no idea what you actually look like, because the mirror says one thing and the camera says another.


    8. The phrase "has tagged you in a photo" fills you with dread.

    Channel 4

    9. Especially when it follows a night out.

    20th Century Fox

    10. You've experienced the anguish of deleting a good picture you took on the first try, because you foolishly believed the subsequent ones would be better.

    Paramount / Via

    11. You go into panic mode when you're out and someone says "let's take some pictures!"


    "Is this necessary? Must we document every moment of our lives? Can we not just live in the now?" – you bullshitting in the hopes they'll put the bloody phone away.

    12. Or when you can spot someone sneakily taking photos for their Snapchat story.

    Logo TV

    13. There's maybe one angle that you feel works sometimes, and you refuse at all costs to deviate from it.


    14. Growing up, school pictures were just really stressful.

    So I just found my school picture from last year hidden under my bed...

    15. And getting a passport photo done is even worse because of all those bloody rules.

    i was under too much pressure when taking my passport photo🙈

    Don't they realise straight-on isn't your preferred photo angle?

    16. This option when choosing a profile picture seems pretty pointless to you.

    Jasmin Nahar / Buzzfeed

    Yes I'm just going to randomly decide to take a photo and it'll turn out great... LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD.

    17. Accidentally putting on the front camera is the worst.

    Twitter: @TheFunnyTeens / Via Twitter: @TheFunnyTeens

    This is universally unflattering anyway, and if you're unphotogenic it's even worse.

    18. But when you do see a good photo of yourself, it feels euphoric.


    19. And it immediately becomes your new profile picture for everything.

    Twitter: @CommonWhiteGirl / Via Twitter: @CommonWhiteGirI

    Because you need to make the most of this occasion.

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