19 Things You'll Understand If You Have A Dessert Stomach

    No matter what anyone says, there is always room for dessert.

    1. You're amazed by people's naivety when they assume you don't have room for dessert.

    2. Because you're pretty sure your dessert stomach can fit more than your regular one.

    3. Nothing hurts like wanting to get dessert but hearing everyone else say they're just too full.

    4. Or that they're "not a dessert person".

    5. You know how to persuade everyone else to join in.

    6. And in moments of desperation you'll offer to pay for other people's desserts, to seal the deal.

    7. You make a beeline for the dessert menu before you've ordered anything else.

    8. And you feel pretty confident that you'll have room for the biggest, most ambitious option.

    9. Because you couldn't run the risk of missing out on something especially delicious.

    10. Sometimes after a full meal, you might be exhausted and forget about the dessert stomach altogether.

    11. Until from the corner of your eye you see something sweet, and it pulls you right back.

    12. And you suddenly feel downright ravenous.

    13. Although when even your dessert stomach gets full, it's tragic.

    14. Sometimes people are confused when you leave half your dinner but then start eyeing cheesecake.

    15. You're not a fan of starters because they just delay you even further from what you really want.

    16. In fact, your favourite kind of restaurants cut straight to the point.

    17. Because how can you be ~truly~ full until you've had something sweet?

    18. You feel complete anguish when you eat at someone's house and there's nothing to satisfy your specific, dessert-based hunger.

    19. And sometimes you wonder if dessert even goes to your stomach.