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21 Things You Bought From Claire's Accessories That Definitely Aren't Cool Now

No-one worked those hair spirals quite like you.

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2. These braces that allowed you to showcase your zany personality whilst also keeping your trousers up.

Claire's Accessories / Via claires.co.uk

Although if you had big boobs, this was a much harder look to style out.

6. Temporary tattoos, worn in an attempt to troll your friends into thinking you'd actually gotten inked.

Claire's Accessories / Via claires.co.uk

It was cool when they were freshly done, but it got harder to explain the disintegrated black blotches a few showers later.

11. Charm bracelets, which were the ultimate way to express yourself.

Claire's Accessories / Via claires.co.uk

The peace sign and yin and yang captured the fact you were ~exploring your spirituality~, and the flower was because well, you liked flowers.

12. And big ol' bows were the ultimate hair accessory.

Claire's Accessories / Via claires.co.uk

Whether you wanted to feel cutesy and like you were in "Alice in Wonderland", or you were deep in your scene kid phase and bows where the only acceptable way to accessorise your backcombed hair.

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