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    21 Things You Bought From Claire's Accessories That Definitely Aren't Cool Now

    No-one worked those hair spirals quite like you.

    1. A tie to wear with your casual clothes, as inspired by Avril Lavigne.

    2. These braces that allowed you to showcase your zany personality whilst also keeping your trousers up.

    3. These snazzy AF hair spirals that you never quite got the hang of using.

    4. Stripy tights, during your ~edgy~ phase.

    5. This pre-squad goals way of showing off the fact you have mates.

    6. Temporary tattoos, worn in an attempt to troll your friends into thinking you'd actually gotten inked.

    7. These hair sticks.

    8. A fedora, possibly worn at a jaunty angle.

    9. Fake lip rings.

    10. And giant hoop earrings.

    11. Charm bracelets, which were the ultimate way to express yourself.

    12. And big ol' bows were the ultimate hair accessory.

    13. And big ol' fake flowers on hair clips were pretty popular.

    14. These bad boys, for when you were in your goth phase.

    15. Plush notebooks that came with their very own lock.

    16. A glitzy clutch, for your school discos.

    17. These, back when they were known as "shag bands".

    18. And a tiara, just because.

    19. Long before Urban Decay, these eyeshadow palettes were a mainstay of your makeup bag.

    20. Toe socks. Which were whimsical but also make your feet look like creepy hands.

    21. And of course, body glitter.