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18 Things That All Nerdy Couples Will Just Get

Having disagreements over fictional characters is a real thing.

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1. When a film about one of your favourite characters comes out, you must see it together.

Ideally on the day it comes out.
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Ideally on the day it comes out.

2. To watch a TV series ahead of your S.O. would just feel so wrong.


Unless you can do a convincing surprised face when you watch it with them afterwards.

3. Even when you're just relaxing together, there are still a few nerdy flourishes.

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4. You've had the odd argument about conflicting opinions on fictional characters.


"Captain America is right, the Superhuman Registration Act is stupid and I'm EMBARRASSED by your ignorance on this matter".

5. Or over facts that you're pretty sure you're right about.


*Slams comic book on the table* "...and as my evidence shows, Bruce Wayne was clearly 25 when he became Batman".

6. But when you hate the same film adaptations of beloved characters, it feels pretty great.


7. Playing video games can get really intense.

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Especially when they beat you at a game they're relatively new to.

8. Although you get competitive with pretty much any game.

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9. You don't have to worry about having nobody to go to Comic Con with.

10. You've seriously considered cosplaying together (if you haven't already).

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11. You can have lengthy discussions about when something you saw or read made you feel a lot of feelings.


12. Your S.O. always understands when you get really excited over something to do with your favourite franchise.


13. As well as your somewhat nerdy concerns.


14. You've most likely bought each other cards like this.

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15. If you both go into Forbidden Planet, or any big comic book shop, you know that you're not leaving for a good few hours.

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16. And neither of you would ever judge each other for just quite how much you walk out of there with.

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It's fine, you'll let them read them afterwards and then everybody's happy.

17. Or for doing this every time you buy a new book or graphic novel.

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18. And together, you end up even nerdier than you were before you met them, because of all the awesome new stuff you can introduce each other to.

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