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18 Things That All Nerdy Couples Will Just Get

Having disagreements over fictional characters is a real thing.

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3. Even when you're just relaxing together, there are still a few nerdy flourishes.

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4. You've had the odd argument about conflicting opinions on fictional characters.


"Captain America is right, the Superhuman Registration Act is stupid and I'm EMBARRASSED by your ignorance on this matter".


8. Although you get competitive with pretty much any game.

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10. You've seriously considered cosplaying together (if you haven't already).

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15. If you both go into Forbidden Planet, or any big comic book shop, you know that you're not leaving for a good few hours.

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16. And neither of you would ever judge each other for just quite how much you walk out of there with.

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It's fine, you'll let them read them afterwards and then everybody's happy.