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21 Things Girls Who Look Younger Than They Are Will Just Get

"You'll ​love​ looking this young when you're older." Will I, though?

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1. You'll get hit on by people a fair bit younger than you.

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Having to tell teenagers you're too old for them is weird for everyone involved.

2. People will "awww" you at the slightest thing.

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3. Including people YOUR OWN AGE.


4. When you go to work you fear you look like a child who's stumbled in by accident.

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Or a teenager who's there for a week of work experience.

5. You'll get PLENTY of people saying, "You'll be glad of this when you're older!"

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So I've heard, but that isn't comforting when this hypothetical situation is decades away.

6. Or, "You're HOW old?!"

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7. You feel disheartened when your younger relatives start to look older than you.


When you were 16 you're sure you probably looked around 12.

8. And you feel offended when you make a conscious effort to look older and people still think you're 15.

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I am trying my best.

9. You still get questioned at the cinema when you try to buy tickets to films rated 18.

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Even though you turned 18 around half a decade ago.

10. Even though your ID is 100% legitimate you always get nervous showing it at a pub or club, just in case they don't believe you.

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11. You've occasionally reaped the benefit of getting a child fare on the bus.


Might as well exploit the perks of this youthful face.

12. People are shocked when they see you drink, because they hadn't realised you were old enough.


13. They're also shocked when they find out you've done other ~adult things~ that you're legally allowed to do.


14. You're asked about school or college when you've been out of education for a good few years.


15. Getting ready for nights out is a struggle because the line between "sexy and sophisticated" and "playing dress-up" is thinner than you'd like.

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16. In fact, looking really young means trying to act ~sexy~ can be kind of difficult.

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17. You've been given a children's menu at a restaurant even when you were definitely no longer a child.

just got given a kids menu at dinner. I start uni on monday...

18. You've had salespeople knock on your door and ask, "Are your parents home?"

19. But you can always pull the "sorry, Mum and Dad aren't in" card if you don't feel like dealing with it.

20. And you can walk down the high street safe in the knowledge that no people with clipboards will bother you.

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If anyone asks, you're 17.

21. So all in all, this looking-young thing isn't all that bad.

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