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    13 Conversations All Really Close Friends Have Had

    If you make a typo in a text to them, you must carry that shame forever.

    1. When you need to tell someone about all of your bodily functions.

    2. When you both just show up to each other's places on a whim.

    3. When they completely understand the weird things you've cried over.

    4. When you make a typo and know that it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

    5. When you just need someone to support you.

    6. Because best friends are the only people you can ask your weird questions to.

    7. And the person who must know every detail of your sex life.

    8. When your heart is broken they'll have this exact response.

    9. You can shamelessly send them your terrible selfies.

    10. They'll always have your back when you need to bullshit someone.

    11. And sometimes you need to work together to produce a good lie.

    12. When you live together, that comes with it's own unique set of situations.

    13. And you never have to worry about them judging you when you're not at your best.