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18 Teachers Who Definitely Deserve A Promotion

If teachers got grades, they'd all get an A+.

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1. This teacher who had the most excellent, extra idea.

My lecturer wears mask to hide his expression so students wouldn't get nervous when hes giving marks 😅😎

2. This punny AF teacher.

3. This wholesome teacher who went the extra mile.

4. This teacher who went all-out for Halloween.

5. This teacher who made the most beautiful classroom.

6. This teacher who looked so damn happy, his students decided to make him into a wholesome meme.

7. This teacher and his excellent T-shirt.

8. This teacher who did the best April Fool's spelling test.

omg this teacher gave a fake spelling test to his kids for april fools i was DYING at rolaskatox

9. This teacher who committed to his look.

10. This teacher who really cares about her students.

Told my professor I missed class yesterday bc I couldn't find childcare & this was her response. I'm literally cryi…

11. This teacher who took the time to make each student feel appreciated.

Teacher has different handshake with each student. This is beautiful

12. This assistant principal who made the most of his striking resemblance to a certain character.

13. These Spanish teachers who took an idea and ran with it.

Spanish teachers out did themselves this year 😂

14. This teacher who made his lesson super memorable.

OMG my HS friend teaches middle school in atl now and rapped about civil war over migos beat. bad and bougee = mad…

15. This teacher, who helped out a student after their friend defaced their homework.

16. This teacher who respectfully mourned Pluto.

17. This teacher who made a great reminder.

18. And finally, this professor who had the best way to let their class know they wouldn't be teaching that day.