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19 Struggles You'll Recognise If You Really Love Food

What do you mean you don't want dessert?

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1. When you're so excited and impatient to eat, you end up burning the roof of your mouth.


2. When you're hungry but someone suggests you go for a "light lunch".

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This isn't amateur hour, get it together.

3. Or when the weather gets warm and people assume you don't want to eat anything "too heavy".

4. When you go to an event based on the fact there'll be food, and there's none whatsoever.

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5. When you really fancy getting dessert but nobody else does.

6. When a portion of food you order is much smaller than you anticipated.

7. When someone just goes ahead and helps themselves to a bit of your food.

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8. Or starts saying "mmm that looks lovely", hoping you'll offer some.

9. When you're at a restaurant and see people who ordered their food after you receive their meal before you.

10. When you're thinking about a snack all day and come home to find someone's eaten it.

11. Or you realise you ate it the day before and completely forgot about it.

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12. When you're just outside of the delivery area for a takeaway you really fancy.

13. When the food you were looking forward to goes off because you forgot to check the date on it.


14. When someone says dinner will be ready soon, but it is most certainly not.

15. When being hungry descends into becoming hangry.

16. And you have to apologise to your loved ones, because hungry you isn't the real you.


17. When lunch is over and you realise there's HOURS ahead of you until your next big meal.

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18. When someone starts talking to you whilst you're eating and you can feel the food going cold.

19. And when you're really full but the food is just too good to not finish.

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