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22 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Lush

Bath bombs for days.

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2. But you sigh at those Lush newbies who haven't discovered the joys of bubble bars just yet.

Instagram: @caitlinx95

They actually make the bath bubbly, which is pretty much the point of a bubble bath.


3. You get excited when you see a familiar face on the product sticker.

"Oh Rafal, we must stop meeting like this".

4. You now find the concept of products not coming in little black tubs kind of weird.

when the fam is addicted to lush face masks 😂 @lushcosmetics

5. Ditto face washes that don't look like this.

Instagram: @fraeuleinmueh

6. Even when you don't plan on spending money there, you can spend a solid half-hour just smelling stuff.

Studio Ghibli / Via

Nope, nothing to see here. Just a person excitedly inhaling the scent of a bar of soap.


8. Once you find something you really like, you bulk buy the hell out of it.

Instagram: @theelfsaddiction

10. And they have their own special place in your fridge.

We clearly have our priorities sorted, valuable fridge space used for Lush face masks instead of food...

11. Sometimes you'll act as if you don't know how the products work, just to watch the demonstration.

Instagram: @lushltd

13. The sight of all those neatly organised bath bombs in the stores are borderline orgasmic for you.

14. You wait longingly all year for their Christmas products.

Instagram: @whilestaceysleeps

16. You've got a routine you follow every time you go in.

Lifetime / Via

Face washes first followed by spritzing every perfume and then picking up blocks of soap to weigh up in your hand for no real reason.

17. All you want for your birthday is one of those MASSIVE Lush hamper boxes.

Instagram: @alwayz_in_space

18. Or, if someone's feeling generous, a Lush spa experience.

Instagram: @nouveaurichex

20. You can't resist the urge to post pictures of your glorious, multicoloured bath on social media.

This is my bath last night. This is why I am obsessed with lush!

"I am bathing in a galaxy, no, a universe of scents and colours".

21. And though you struggle to moderate your spending habits there...

Defo not obsessed with lush😳😂😂


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