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    17 Clever Cakes That Are Almost Too Amazing To Eat

    Torn between wanting to eat them and not wanting to ruin them.

    1. This "wooden stump".

    2. This terrarium cake that's so goddamn clever.

    3. This cake that, surprisingly, has no actual fruit on it.

    4. This brilliant ice cream cone cake.

    5. This gravity-defying cake.

    6. This cake that is a massive lie, but looks delicious nonetheless.

    7. This Lord of the Rings dream cake.

    8. And this Harry Potter cake complete with Sorting Hat.

    9. This Van Gogh masterpiece.

    10. This pi pie that isn't actually a pie, but a cake.

    11. This Ralph Wiggum cake that you definitely thought was a drawing.

    12. This deceptive doughnut-looking cake.

    13. This steak cake.

    14. This taco cake that combines two amazing things.

    15. And this geode cake for anyone who loves crystals.

    16. This cake where the whole process clearly went swimmingly.

    17. And finally, this cake that I flat-out refuse to believe is a cake. Put this thing in a damn gallery IMMEDIATELY.

    Except y'know, it'd go gross over time.

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