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19 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone Short

Not included: having a portable armrest.

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1. They're pretty resourceful, because reaching the high-up shelves at home isn't easy.

What short people really use tongs for... #shortgirlproblems

They'll have a practical solution, whatever the problem.

2. And all that climbing makes them surprisingly strong.

When you're too short to reach anything on the top shelf so you gotta climb..

That upper body strength though.

3. You'll also be blessed with their almost unending supply of patience.

Because its not okay to climb things in the supermarket and sometimes you have to wait for a tall person to help you.

4. They can use their small stature sneakily to weave their way through crowds unnoticed, paving the way for you to follow suit.

Advantages of being short: can easily sneak through crowds

Crowded high street? Take their hand and move on through.

5. So you'll always be near the front row for concerts.

Enjoy the view, life with a short S.O is good.
Suzi Pratt / FilmMagic / Getty

Enjoy the view, life with a short S.O is good.

6. It's easy to hide presents from them – put them on the top shelf.

The good thing about being tall is being able to hide stuff on the top shelf so my girlfriend can't reach them

Live safe in the knowledge that they won't find their long as there's no stepladder around.

7. If you're feeling greedy, you also have the benefit of being able to hide your favourite snacks.

NBC / Via

~sneaky sneaky~.

8. You can rest your chin on them when you hug them, and it is the cutest.

Comfortable and heartwarming all at once.
ABC / Via

Comfortable and heartwarming all at once.

9. You can enjoy the ego boost of feeling tall in comparison, even if you're of average height.

You're never ~truly~ short when you have an even shorter bae.

10. And even if they're wearing the highest of heels.

6-inch heels and they'd still have to tiptoe to kiss you.

11. Their small hands will retrieve anything you lose down sofa cushions.

I am thankful for my small and nimble raccoon like hands every time my phone falls between car seats & couch cushions

So next time your headphones are engulfed by the sofa, they'll have your back.

12. And when you quite can't quite get those last few Pringles from the tube, don't worry.

The benefits of having small hands is that it fits into the Pringles canisterđŸ’˜

Small hands were designed for such situations.

13. You can give them your clothes if they shrink in the wash.

So if you accidentally put your beloved shirt through a hot wash, it won't be in vain.

14. Your S.O will likely be pretty savvy when it comes to money.

You notice things when you're small, like that shoes from the kids section are so much cheaper.

15. Their smallness = room on the sofa for you when you're watching Netflix.

Stretch your legs, simply because you can.
Disney / Via

Stretch your legs, simply because you can.

16. The same goes for your bed.

Cartoon Network / Via

You can stretch more freely, safe in the knowledge that you're unlikely to push them off the bed.

17. You never need to worry about not having enough of the blanket.


Their petiteness means there's more than enough blanket to go around.

18. They are an excellent little spoon.

Netflix / Via

And who wouldn't want that?

19. And of course, they're bloody adorable.

Disney / Via

Just don't pat them on the head, okay?