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19 Reasons Why Nando's Dates Are Actually The Best Dates

The chicken won't be the only thing that's extra hot.

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4. This extends to the food, and you know the date won't be dampened by a meal not looking or tasting like you expected.

5. If your bae is vegetarian, they have a plethora of options.

7. And if that doesn't impress them, your tolerance for spicy food surely will.

Top tip, impress your lunch date by ordering 'hot' chicken in nandos then make sure they don't see your tears

8. Even if it's all just deception.

"@NandosUK: FACT: We often get guys on dates who order Plain but ask us to put Extra Hot flags in their chicken.#justsaying" I'm finished 😂


9. You can suss your date out from what they're having.

A dating site based on Nandos spice preference is actually a great business idea tbh

If you're an extra hot and they're a lemon and herb, can things move forward?

10. And their saucy napkins might spark a little sexual tension between you and your date.

Is it just me who sees a dirty double meaning to this @NandosUK napkin?



17. But if all goes well you can stay there and have delicious, delicious cheesecake.

18. Whatever the outcome at least you know that meal will be added to your Nando's card, bringing you one step closer to that free whole chicken.