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    18 Pictures That Will Make Indian Food Your Favourite Food

    Paneer is included, of course.

    1. This dosa that would probably snap a bit off of so neatly.

    2. This paneer soaking up all the delicious flavours from that curry sauce.

    3. This double-carb dream of potato-stuffed paratha.

    4. This kulfi drizzled with a generous amount of strawberry sauce.

    Kalaiselvi Murugesan

    5. These gulab jamuns soaked in syrup.

    6. These savoury lassis that look so damn refreshing.

    7. This beautifully bright halwa.

    8. This fish curry where you can tell just from looking at it that it's damn hot.

    9. This mutton curry where the meat looks like it will glide off the bone.

    10. These perfectly pink faloodas.

    11. This aloo gobi where the cauliflower has turned from off-white to gold.

    12. Almost as golden as these pakoras.

    13. This ras malai that looks as light and fluffy as an actual cloud.

    14. This downright dazzling array of barfi.

    15. And these sweet, sticky jalebis.

    16. This biriyani with impossibly fluffy rice.

    17. These puris that have puffed up to absolute perfection.

    18. And finally, this thali. Because the only thing better than a delicious plate of food, is lots of delicious plates of food.

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