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    Updated on Aug 9, 2019. Posted on Jul 23, 2017

    43 Problems Every Girl With Long Hair Has Experienced At Least Once

    Getting your hair stuck in your armpit.

    Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed

    1. Hair getting caught in zippers.

    2. Hair getting caught in the strap of your bag.

    3. Having to tuck your hair out of hoodies and jackets.

    4. The back of your neck getting all sweaty in summer.

    5. And just your whole head feeling so HOT in summer.

    6. Hairs in your bum crack after a shower.

    7. But also rogue ones that have migrated to your legs and arms, which you have to peel off.

    8. Not being able to do a bun without it looking like the Eiffel Tower on your head.

    9. Hair getting stuck in your armpit.

    10. Especially on a hot day when it’s been trapped in a sweaty armpit.

    11. Being in bed with someone and them accidentally yanking your hair when they lie down on it.

    12. Having to pull your hairs out of the vacuum.

    13. Brushing your hair and so much of it shedding on to the floor.

    14. Thinking there’s a spider on your arm but it’s actually just your hair.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

    15. Having to really commit time to getting all the knots out.

    16. As well as washing and drying it.

    17. So basically basing your social life around hair-washing days.

    18. Having your vision impaired when it’s a windy day and your hair flies everywhere.

    19. Or when you’re in the car with the window rolled down.

    20. Food crumbs falling in your hair.

    21. Or your hair ending up in your plate of food.

    22. And then facing the ultimate nightmare, accidentally swallowing hair that’s attached to your head, and gagging a little.

    23. Spending loads of money on shampoo and conditioner because you get through them so quickly.

    24. So taking a travel-size bottle of them on holiday is out of the question.

    25. NEVER finishing shampoo and conditioner at the same time.

    26. Wanting to wear your hair down but knowing it will largely obscure the nice top you have on.

    27. Spending ages straightening or curling it.

    28. And always missing a spot, usually at the back.

    29. Trying to do fancy stuff like plaiting it, but getting an arm-ache.

    Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

    30. Some towels not being big enough to actually cover your hair when you wrap it after a shower.

    31. Having to pull big masses of hair out of shower drains.

    32. Finding dangling, shed hairs everywhere you go.

    33. Having to flip your head upside down to put on a necklace so it doesn’t get caught in your hair.

    34. Getting hair woven all around your hair ties, making them too gross to wear around your wrist.

    35. Nobody noticing when you get a haircut, even though anything more than inch off your hair is BIG deal to you.

    36. Having to stand up when you get your hair cut.

    37. Being worried when you go to the bathroom that your hair will accidentally dip into the toilet bowl, because of that one time it happened.

    38. Getting toothpaste in your hair when you brush your teeth.

    39. Being unable to sleep comfortably without tying your hair up.

    40. Getting your hair stuck in the back of the hairdryer.

    41. And feeling distraught when you have to rip off the end of your hair to free it.

    42. Having to use half a pack of hairpins to do a bun.

    43. And finally, despite all this, getting strangely competitive if you see someone with longer hair than you, even though you complain about it all the time.

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