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17 Pictures That Are Perfect If You're Obsessed With Fried Chicken

A bouquet of chicken is way better than a bouquet of flowers.

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3. But you wouldn't mind doing away with the whole cake thing altogether.

The best thing about having fried chicken instead of birthday cake is the fried chicken. #fried #chicken


6. And pizza crusts made of carbs just seem so dated.

Instagram: @kunal_vermaa

9. And after that you could always have this dessert, a fried chicken–topped doughnut.

Instagram: @anakorpa

10. Or for something smaller, a fried-chicken cupcake.

Instagram: @chazchewzart

13. And you're pretty devastated that you can't buy fried chicken–flavoured crisps everywhere.

There are far too many fried chicken-flavoured crisps here. Also, pizza flavoured crisps are incredible.

14. This is the only bouquet you're interested in.

Instagram: @huihead

16. It's just the ultimate romantic surprise.