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    19 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense If You're Really Lazy

    Anything can be used as a bowl.

    1. Sometimes it's easier to sleep amongst your laundry rather than put it away.

    2. Or if it has to go somewhere, it goes on your designated laundry-and-other-random-crap chair.

    3. When taking the rubbish out, any shoe is fair game if you can't be bothered to find your own.

    4. Paper and plastic plates are your saviour.

    5. You know how to improvise when there's no clean bowls.

    6. And you'll resort to this before washing up a spoon to use.

    7. Sometimes you have to be a bit ~sneaky~ with your laziness.

    8. This is just so much easier than putting in the holder.

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    That can be someone else's problem.

    9. This is the only compromise between needing to go to the shop and not wanting to get changed.

    10. You don't believe in charging your phone until there's a very real possibility it's about to die.

    11. And your inbox is impressively full.

    12. You'll watch pretty much anything on TV to avoid getting the remote.

    13. You'll text someone in the same room as you if you're not quite sitting close enough to talk IRL.

    When u & ur bff are in the same room but too lazy to get up to sit by each other but still gotta talk

    14. Though if you've got a lot to type, this is your preferred way of communicating.

    15. Starting something in the evening means you probably won't finish it.

    16. You will use all your strength to ensure you only have to make one trip to the car.

    17. This is how you keep warm when having a sofa-nap.

    18. You're an expert in picking things up with your feet to avoid having to get up.

    Sometimes I get bored while doing homework and start picking things up with my feet.. #demtoemuscles

    19. Seriously, one of the unspoken benefits of being lazy is your toe muscles are probably strong AF.