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19 Pictures People Who Don't Wear Eye Makeup Will Never Understand

There's no such thing as owning too many neutral palettes.

1. When you finish your favourite colours in an eyeshadow palette and it's utterly heartbreaking.

2. When you just can't have too many neutral eyeshadow palettes.

3. And when you can't resist swatching them every time you buy one, to see just how pigmented they actually are.

4. When you have a huge array of eye makeup brushes to get your eyeshadow completely perfect.

5. When these are your best friend when it comes to fixing eyeliner mistakes.

6. And the best tool for getting that wing as sharp as possible.

7. When you have to resort to cutting open your eyeshadow primers, because you're sure there's still loads of product in there.

8. When you have to sacrifice your neat eyeliner for the sake of symmetry.

9. When you can't buy a new eyeliner without doing this to your hand first.

10. When you shake your eyeliner pen to get it ~flowing~ but forget to put the lid on properly.

11. And when you have to get your money's worth from every eye pencil you buy.

12. When your eye makeup is nearly finished but this happens.

13. When the worst part of your day is having to remove your perfect eye makeup.

14. And it's even worse when your makeup remover wipes really aren't cooperating.

when you try to take off liquid eyeliner with a crappy make up remover wipe

15. When your mascara seems to really have it in for your eyeshadow.

16. Or when it hasn't dried and you have to sneeze.

I sneezed with wet mascara why

17. When you manage to create a perfect smoky eye and feel so damn proud.

18. Even though it's taken a lot of practise to get there.

19. And when you know that getting your eye makeup perfect is one of the best feelings imaginable.