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19 People Who Prove Not All Heroes Wear Capes

We honestly don't deserve these people.

1. This mum and her cinema snack.

2. This girl's amazing reply to a request for nudes.

i knew this would come in handy one day

3. This woman’s innovative style.

Official campaign to find and knight the girl who used McDonald's wrappers for shoes last night

4. This guy visiting his relatives.

Had 20 mins spare so i decided to go see the fam

5. This brother and his incredible costume.

6. This aunt and uncle's clever presents.

7. This woman expertly trolling a catfish.

How many one direction puns can I get in before this catfish catches on?

8. This absolute game-changer.

9. This mum who just doesn't give a fuck.

10. And this girl who wasn't afraid to stand out.

It was princess day at dance and one little girl came as a hot dog I have never admired someone more

11. This person who seems fairly chill.

12. This seemingly keen student.

13. This absolute genius.

14. This generous dealer.

15. This guy who turned the tables on his mum.

16. This woman who really managed to string this guy along.

yesterday i convinced a boy that i am a beet farmer by using quotes from the office

17. This sort-of vandal making diagrams better.

My new hobby: finding incomprehensible diagrams on office whiteboards and adding alarming conclusions to them

18. This friend who really went above and beyond.

19. And this cat who doesn't give a damn about rules.