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21 Hilarious Picture Tweets That Prove We All Make Mistakes

Nobody's perfect.

1. This terrible typo.

I accidentally sent this to my little sisters first grade teacher but I meant sick omg

2. This unexpected purchase.

3. This Netflix glitch.

4. This example of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

5. This autocorrect mistake.

6. And this candid moment.

Really enjoying this subtle art thief caught out by a nightclub photographer in Swansea

7. This internet problem.

8. This slight misunderstanding.

9. This embarrassing texting fuck-up.

10. And this calamity.

11. These movie mashups.

12. This awkward mistake.

😂😂😂😂 momma pilling at it again.

13. This mishearing.

14. And this poor communication.

15. This cheesecake tragedy.

16. This not-so-great snack.

17. This ~interesting~ use of a word.

18. This naive acceptance of a fiver.

19. This "lost" sandwich.

20. This terrible mix-up.

21. And this confused commenter.