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    19 Pictures That Show How Fucking Metal Pole Dancing Is

    Bruises for days.

    1. Pole dancing and pole fitness may be fun, but they're also pretty damn intense.

    2. Okay, really damn intense.

    3. You can get bruises within another bruise.

    4. Instead of a massive bruise you can end up with loads of them.

    5. You do shit like this.

    6. It's most definitely not as easy as it might seem.

    7. It's most definitely not just "messing around on a pole".

    8. I mean, look, a galaxy has fled from space and re-emerged on this leg in the form of a bruise.

    9. And the same has happened to this person!

    10. I mean, does that look easy?

    11. Your feet and ankles are not spared.

    12. Neither are your wrists. If you think this doesn't look that bad...

    13. I bet this does.

    14. Some serious feats of strength happen.

    15. As well as stuff like this.

    16. Even on your shoulders????

    17. I wish to be excluded from this narrative of pain.

    18. At least your hands don't hurt...oh.

    Yep, metal as fuck.

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