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23 People Who Completely Get Your Makeup Struggles

"If I just even out this eyeliner wing and – oh shit".

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1. When your first eyeliner wing is too perfect to replicate.

I hate when I draw my first eyeliner wing PERFECT ASF because I know the next one wont be nearly as good and I just set the bar way too high

2. And you know trying to even them out won't go well.

trying to even out the wings of your eyeliner is like playing a twisted game of Jenga with Satan

3. Because every time you try, this happens.

When ur eyeliner keeps going wrong and you have to keep making it thicker to even it out

4. And attempting to remedy your mistake just makes everything much, much worse.

When your eyeliner smudges so you try to wipe of off but you make it worse by smearing it on your face... >>>

So you have to remove most of your makeup and start from scratch.


5. When your smokey eye just won't co-operate.

6. Or when it does go right and someone doesn't understand the artistry of it.

when you thought you'd done a good smoky eye look and ya nan asks if you have a black eye 💔💔💔 cheers

7. When your eyeliner decides to migrate onto your eyeball.

me: *attempts liquid eyeliner* *whole eyeball is suddenly engulfed in black* ya ok never doing that again ever

8. When the end of the day arrives and you have to wipe off your flawless artwork.

When u gotta take ur makeup off but it looks so bomb that u just sit there holding ur makeup wipes lookin sad as hell 😣😣😣


9. When you have to reign in your emotions because your makeup isn’t cheap.

When you bouta cry cause your feelings are hurt but then remember your foundation is 40 bucks and mascara 30

10. When you miss a crucial step and realise it's too late.

mood when you already have foundation on and you forgot to prime your face :\\

The setting powder has been used, there's no going back.

11. When your mascara decides to play up and reach for your eyelids.

when u get mascara on ur eyelid and u just did ur eyeshadow


12. Or makes it looks like you are the proud owner of three whole eyelashes.

When your mascara clumps and you start feeling like Yzma's twin sister...

"Maybe if I add more mascara I can fix this".


13. There's every chance that mascara is just conspiring against you.

I hate when your own hand betrays you and decides that the mascara wand needs to be directly stabbed in your eye. #girlprobs

14. And concealer is pretty prone to misbehaving too.

I'll rest peacefully when i buy a concealer that doesn't fucking crease

15. When matte lipsticks refuse to feel as good as they look.

a concept: matte liquid lipsticks that don't make your lips feel like the sahara desert

16. When you make a serious error of judgement whilst waiting for your nails to dry.

You know when u think ur nail-polish is dry enough but it's not so when u touch it it leaves a tiny fingerprint and u die a little inside


17. When you have to accept that having a cold and wearing foundation just don't mix.

Having to blow my nose after I do my makeup makes me sad bc putting foundation on my nose is a waste

18. When bad lighting affects your judgement, with disastrous, orangey consequences .

I just did my makeup in the wrong lighting thinking it was perfect..... NOPE too much bronzer

19. When things inconveniently run out at the same time.

running out of £18 concealer and £26 foundation at the same time is not okay. I can survive without one, but not both.

20. So you have to resort to desperate measures.

Can't cope with having to scrape foundation out the bottle 😪


21. Before ruminating on past wastefulness.

When you run out of foundation and remember all the times you poured out too much and just wiped it away 😓

22. When your eye is itchy and before you know it, this happens.

when you forget you have makeup and then rub your eye 😭

23. And when it actually all goes perfectly, but the camera doesn't seem to get that.

I hate when you do your makeup & it looks so good & then you go to take a picture & it just doesn't do it justice ugh