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14 Pictures That Will Make You Say "This Is Why You Take Them Swimming On The First Date"

You can finally know the truth.

1. I hate when you think you're dating Yoda but it turns out to be a human woman underneath.

2. Or when you ask out Lord Voldemort, but it turns out when they wash their face they're not He Who Must Not Be Named after all.

So pissed.

3. This woman is actually made of human flesh instead of wood. I feel so deceived.

4. Smh how are regular people meant to know she's not actually made of stone? I feel cheated.

5. I mean you think you're going on a sexy date with Dory, but does she naturally look like a cartoon fish?

This is why people have trust issues.

6. And there was me thinking her eyelashes actually touched her forehead and she was purple. Lies.

7. She's not the Grinch underneath that makeup! I bet she doesn't even want to steal Christmas.

8. What if you didn't take her swimming and spent your entire life believing she was actually a fictional skeletal king?

9. Imagine how many people had been ignorantly believing she's an actual minion. Well, you know the truth now!

10. Seriously, going for a swim would reveal an awful secret...she's not really blue.

11. When you think you're seducing Anger from Inside Out but...

12. This is next-level trickery. This isn't even Jafar.

13. I mean, there was me thinking this was actually Darth Vader and everything.

14. Seriously, I'm sick of this false advertising! She's not an actual lion. Who can you even trust nowadays?