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    People Are Eating Biscuits All Wrong And It's The Worst

    Pot Noodle and Rich Tea sandwich, anyone?

    We all love biscuits, even more so when they're with a cup of tea.

    Tbh, a digestive dipped in tea is pretty hard to beat.

    But some people are doing things a bit...differently.

    I bet Gregg would like my Digestive Sandwich Supreme. #masterchef

    It's like a hamburger, without the meat, and with biscuits instead of bread and basically everything is hell.

    Sure, some of these quirks are inoffensive enough.

    Raging debate...MrMc buttered my digestive biscuits on top not bottom. I always butter bottom... Who's right? 😜

    After all, maybe there just weren't any crackers in the cupboard.

    Rich tea biscuits topped with Philadelphia cream cheese. Snack genius no 2..

    Or scones.

    Some use them as a substitute for bread and make little sandwiches.

    It's all go at the Hayward household tonight. Yes that is a @nutellaUK sandwich made with rich tea biscuits!

    But are we ready for this?

    Rich tea biscuit and curry pot noodle sandwich.. Yum!!

    A world in which biscuits are mere canvases for fancy cheese?

    basset blue, digestives on a frozen plate. Shows 2 things. I like good blue cheese & I have a 6 yr old daughter

    You might see peanut butter on digestives and think "Okay, you do you."

    Peanut butter and digestive biscuits, one of my better ideas.

    But where do we draw the line?

    Digestive biscuits & peanut butter!

    Is this okay?

    I am a monster (butter, crumbed ham, ketchup and RICH TEA BISCUITS I DISGUST MYSRLF)

    Or is it complete and utter anarchy?

    @roodperson putting marmite on digestives. That's just so wrong!... Isn't it?

    Some people are, understandably, unsure about this all.

    who the heck would butter on rich tea biscuits???

    Some people stand by their biscuit-related choices.

    Rich tea biscuits and marmite are really good no one understands

    And others have seen the light, and are never looking back.

    Just smothered a chocolate digestive in peanut butter and it has been life changing 😋

    It looks nice enough sometimes, but don't be deceived.

    #gbbo my tribute. Rich Tea biscuits, butter, jam and icing sugar. Revealing my secrets!!

    Because deep down, you know it's just so wrong.

    Snack time. Blackcurrant jam on rich tea biscuits whilst making the sarnies #nibbly #hungrymummy