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18 Pure And Wholesome Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Feel A Little Bit Better

Just sit back, scroll and ~relax~.

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1. This really lovely feeling.

jazeth / Tumblr / Via

2. These great dogs and even better comments.

3. This lil' bit of romance.

4. This adorable flattery.

that-sassy-ginger / Tumblr / Via

5. This calming way to spend time.

miniaturefoxes / Tumblr / Via

6. This peaceful, snoozing pig.

7. This wonderful experience.

deep-space-babe / Tumblr / Via

8. This perfect selfie stick review.

9. And these sweet yet understated reviews.

10. This beautiful comment.

11. This low-key supportiveness.

magwyn / Tumblr / Via

12. This really sweet picture.

13. This thoughtful idea.

14. This declaration of self love.

15. This very apt fortune.

16. This sign of a good friendship.

17. This praise for an underrated emoticon.

joylmes / Tumblr / Via

18. And this beautiful gesture that proves there's some good people out there.