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14 People Who Were So Amazingly Extra This Week

They did ~the most~ in the best possible way.

1. This person who made a boyfriend out of wine boxes and then staged a (weirdly heartwarming?) proposal:

my boyfriend i made out of boxes of wine took me to the garden and surprised me...guys i said YES!!!

2. This super-crafty mum who celebrated her daughter's achievement in the coolest way:

My mom turned my Masters degree into a blanket. “yOuR dEgReE wOnt KeEp yOu wArM aT NiGhT tHoUgH.” NOW it will, you lil bitch.

3. This bartender who went all out:

4. These people who weren't at all keen to walk through a big puddle:

Flooding at Hammersmith station, the only dry way out is a bridge constructed from chairs ‘borrowed’ from Pret.

5. The Airbnb host who added something to give the place a little Welsh flair.

We are staying in an AirBnB in deepest Wales for the week. I have pressed a button on a remote with no idea what it was for, and it amazingly does this:

6. The person who made these frankly amazing meme hall passes:

7. This mum who wanted to show how much she loves her dog:

my mom seriously got these socks for the entire family because “they look like jelly”

8. This best friend who thought up a wonderful birthday surprise:

Had to surprise my best friend for her birthday 🤪

9. This boyfriend who had the sweetest idea:

10. And this one who had a clever way of doing a photoshoot:

I promised her a shoot though we are miles apart and she didn't believe me but see what I created😊

11. This creative genius who made masterpieces in an unexpected setting:

12. This mum who had hilariously OTT reactions to being scared:

I scared my mom every day for a month are the results

13. These students who made their dorm room stunning:

i love my new home🤩❤️ #uncg22

14. And this adorable kid who had the most wholesome photoshoot with her best pals:

My niece did a BFF photo shoot with her besties and I am 😍😍😍!!! They've been best friends since they were all one year old!