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    22 Pictures People Who Don't Own A Dog Will Never Understand

    When you hear the ominous sound of their water bowl tipping over.

    1. When there's no such thing as personal space.

    2. When your dog wants you to throw the ball but not take it from them.

    3. When you have to pay this small price every time you cuddle them.

    4. When you're convinced they love your food more than they love you.

    5. And when they give zero fucks and go for your dinner when you're not looking.

    6. When your dog blissfully ignores its fuck-ups and hopes you do too.

    7. When your future revolves around owning even more dogs.

    8. When you feel compelled to give your dog its own photoshoot.

    9. And then your phone storage is taken up by many, many dog photos.

    10. When your brain is mostly full of incredibly important facts about your dog.

    11. When it's moulting season and your house is full of fur clumps.

    12. When you need to pee in privacy but your dog is happy to wait for you.

    13. Or when they go the other way and decide they want you to leave them the hell alone.

    14. When they rest their face on you and gift you with a big patch of warm drool.

    15. When you hear the ominous sound of their water bowl tipping over.

    16. When they double up as a soft yet sturdy pillow.

    17. When you feel like they look so different once you take off their collar.

    18. When you're away from your pet but need regular updates on how they're doing.

    19. When your dog feels compelled to jump into puddles for reasons you don't understand.

    20. When one of their ears is inside out and they're blissfully unaware of how silly they look.

    21. When you dread days that involve fireworks because you know they alarm your dog.

    22. And when they sleep with their eyes open and scare the shit out of you.