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    18 Little Things That Are Mildly Thrilling To Stationery Addicts

    Getting the first page of a new notebook just right.

    1. The start of a new year when you can go and buy a planner, or two, or three.

    2. Finding a pen that makes your handwriting nice.

    3. Sorting your pens by colour.

    4. Organising your desk to perfection.

    5. Getting the first page of your notebook just right, with no mistakes.

    6. Getting a nice curl of shavings when you sharpen your pencil.

    7. Finding highlighters in more ~unusual~ colours.

    8. Admiring a to-do list that you've completed.

    9. Finding a sale on a stationery website and buying lots of stuff you don't really need.

    10. Or a shop bringing out their new range for the season.

    11. Trying out pens on the little pad they have at stationery shops and making sure your squiggles are nicer than everyone else's.

    12. Finding a notebook that perfectly matches the task you want to use it for.

    13. Buying a new stock of stationery every school year, even when you're not in education anymore.

    14. Running your hand over something that's been letterpressed.

    15. Having to buy a greetings card so you can spend ages choosing the most beautiful one.

    16. Accidentally matching your stationery.

    17. Getting a brand new set of Sharpies...and maybe smelling them a little.

    18. And finally, going into stationery shops and looking at all the colour-organised card.