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    17 Library Workers Who Deserve A Goddamn Medal

    Including one who trolled their patrons in the best way.

    1. The librarians who came up with this amazing display.

    2. The person who named the British Library's wifi networks.

    someone at the British Library is doing fine work

    3. The librarian who did what we all wish we'd do in this scenario:

    someone just tried to do “this is more of a comment than a question” in this library panel and a librarian immediately told them NOPE, this is QUESTIONS ONLY and i am thrilled to death

    4. The employee who made an excellent joke.

    Someone in the Platteville Library in Wisconsin has a great sense of humor...

    5. The person who made sure college students understood citations.

    6. The librarians who made their own version of a Kardashian magazine cover.

    7. The librarian who dressed up as a book reaper to collect overdue books.

    8. The person who thought to decorate a library shelf this way.

    Facebook: VaBeachPublicLibrary

    9. The librarians who found an ingenious way to promote books.

    10. And the librarians who went all out for Christmas.

    11. And the person who's seriously good at puns.

    12. The librarian who sewed her own damn dress just for Dr. Seuss day.

    13. The librarian going the literal extra mile to encourage young people to read.

    14. The person who came up with this super-smart idea.

    15. The librarian who thought to label these book carts.

    16. The librarian who had a pretty funny response to their workplace's Facebook page being hacked.

    17. And finally, the librarians who made this extra as hell Star Wars Day video.

    Facebook: video.php