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19 Tweets And Tumblr Posts About Halloween Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

"This year for Halloween I'm going to be Sleeping Beauty. You can find me asleep, at home."

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1. These alternative costume names.

The Halloween knock-off costume names are so good

2. This misunderstanding.

3. This setting the scene of a horror story.

4. This summary of your feelings about Halloween.

5. This easy-to-make costume.

For Halloween, just tape a picture of your twitter avi to your forehead and tell everyone you're going as the worst version of yourself.

6. And this brutal one.

Go to Halloween party wearing a big mirror & when people ask what you are say "A giant fuckin nerd" then just stand there & let it sink in

7. This scary situation.

8. These scary words that will give you chills.

9. This absolutely perfect picture.

10. This Halloween trick.

11. This unhelpful PSA.

12. This terrifying costume.

13. This handy tip.

ladies: the day after Halloween, don't forget to buy all the discounted blood capsules to keep in your mouth when men tell you to smile

14. This description of Halloween night.

This year for Halloween I'm going to be sleeping beauty. You can find me asleep, at home.

15. This excellent pastime.

Me: Can't wait to dress up like a witch and frighten children. Coworker: Yeah Halloween is great. Me: What the fuck is Halloween?

16. This devastating moment.

17. This picture of everyone on Halloween.

18. This child's casually cutting remark.

2 halloweens ago I was brutally owned by a small child when I answered my door in normal clothes and she said "nice lumberjack costume."

19. And this hobby that everyone should have.