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18 Jokes That Will Make Every Girl Under 5"3 Laugh

How can I be the bigger person when I'm 5"1'?

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1. This difference between being tall and short:

2. This annoying downside to people thinking they can just pick you up:

3. And this patronising AF move:

4. This support we all need from our friends sometimes:

5. This disappointment:

#GrowingUpShort thinking you were average height until you started high school and everyone other than you kept growing

6. This shock that other people experience:

#growingupshort them: "how old are you?" me: *says age* them:

7. These dumbass questions you end up answering:

#growingupshort "can you see that high?" "What size shoe you wear" "Which parent you get tour height from" *getting picked up without asking

8. And this observation people make when they see your car:

#growingupshort "dangggg... why is your seat so close to the steering wheel...?"

9. This devastating news:

10. This question that you can only wonder about:

11. This excellent point:

12. When someone gets rude about your height:

13. And when you stand next to any of your friends:

14. This frequent interaction:

15. This observation from family members:

16. This thing that you say to yourself almost daily:

17. This struggle whenever you go swimming:

18. And this truth about how you see yourself: