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    18 Japanese Junk Foods The Rest Of The World Urgently Needs

    You'll want to try every single one of these.

    1. Strawberry cheesecake KitKat

    2. Jaga Choco

    3. Melonpan

    Flickr: 126872985@N05

    Don't be fooled by the name – it's not melon-flavoured. These sweet buns have a hard sugar-cookie outside and a soft, fluffy inside.

    4. Italian roll

    5. Pizzaman

    6. Sukiya Gyudon

    7. Okonomiyaki

    Flickr: stephen-oung

    One of Japan's most popular street foods, these typically consist of dough, cabbage, pork belly, and green onions, topped with mayonnaise and delicious sauce. Most restaurants offer a range of ingredients so you can customise your very own!

    8. Umaibo

    9. Jagariko

    10. Collon

    11. Takoyaki

    The perfect snack, these are balls fried of dough filled with octopus and brushed with takoyaki sauce. Usually the chef cooks it in front of you on the street, and it comes in many different flavours and toppings.

    12. Pizza Potato

    13. Yukimi daifuku

    14. BBQ Scones

    15. Taiyaki

    Flickr: spilt-milk

    The outside may look like a fish, but rest assured: The only thing stuffed inside this cake/waffle hybrid is custard creme or red bean paste.

    16. Kaki no tane

    17. Kappa Ebisen

    18. Dorayaki

    Flickr: parallel_yoshing

    Imagine a sandwich where pancakes are used instead of bread. Sounds perfect already, right? These are then filled with red bean paste, and it makes for an insanely good snack.