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15 Infuriating Photos Of Cafés That Are Honestly Just Unforgivable

I don't want to have to solve a maths equation to get the Wi-Fi password!

1. This place with very confusing opening hours.

2. This pepper packaging that has probably confused more than one customer.

3. This display board that's a real eyesore.

4. This cafe bathroom that feels somewhat poorly designed.

5. And this toilet which is just annoying to look at.

6. This cafe selling a poke bowl that looks an awful lot like a salad.

7. And this one that had an unusual definition of "lasagne."

8. This place really making you work for that Wi-Fi password.

9. And this one that's not much easier.

10. This cafe and their no-bake cookie that looks a lot like something else.

11. This outdoor seating arrangement that assumes you won't be sitting opposite anyone.

12. And this cafe that serves hot coffee with no handles on the cups.

13. This cafe that found the most unappealing way to serve bacon.

14. And this one that squishes its croissants in a sandwich press.

15. And this cafe tablecloth emblazoned with many people's pet hate.

H/t r/mildlyinfuriating!