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17 Incredibly Weird Things You Did When You Had A School Crush

Using "sorry, that was my friend" as a fallback if your crush rejected you.

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1. Using games like "MASH" to determine whether you would indeed marry them.

You're now aware this is bullshit because as it turns out, you didn't end up married to your Year 7 crush, living in a mansion and owning a Ferrari.

5. Writing your crush elaborate letters.

Omg guys this is a poem/letter I wrote to my 8th grade crush in 6th grade #romance

7. Playing "she loves me, she loves me not" with flowers and taking the results very seriously.

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And trying to trick "fate" by trying again immediately after with a different flower, if you didn't get the result you wanted.

11. Frantically forwarding chain messages in the hopes it would mean your crush would ask you out.

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You weren't sure it would actually work but anything that might even slightly improve your chances was fine by you.

12. Seeing them in town and following them until you build up the courage to say hello.

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You wouldn't follow your crush around Boots trying to act ~casual~ nowadays because you understand boundaries a lot better.

13. Asking them for a hug on the last day of term as a subtle way to get closer to them.

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As an adult you can't ask anybody for a hug unless you're really, really upset.

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