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19 Incredibly Satisfying Pictures For People Who Really Love Eyeliner

When you get those wings even on the first try.

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1. When you get a new gel eyeliner that's all smooth and unsullied.

Untouched eyeliner is so satisfying to look at @ChrissyCostanza

2. Or a lovely, sharp eyeliner pencil.

3. When you connect your wing to the rest of your eyeliner in a perfect swoop.

Youtube: mayratouchofglam / Via

4. When you add to your impressive eyeliner collection.

Instagram: @stanzie

5. When you manage the perfect, blended winged eyeliner for your smoky eye.

Instagram: @makeupthang

6. And when there's not a single gap between liner and lashes.

7. When the line is so damn neat it's practically a work of art.

Instagram: @hudabeauty / Via

8. When the wings are completely even on the first try.

Youtube: MakeupByCamilla2 / Via

9. When you go back in to tidy up the point and get it just right.

10. And the result is pure perfection.

11. When you experiment with eyeliner styles and hit on a new favourite.

12. When you swatch a new eyeliner and it's super pigmented.

Instagram: @makeup

So you're not going over the same bit four times.

13. When you treat yo self (or someone else treats you) to some seriously high-end eyeliner.

Instagram: @lajoliebyhala

14. Or you find an inexpensive one that exceeds your expectations.

Instagram: @yourstruly

15. When you use a new felt-tip eyeliner and the liner just ~flows~ so nicely.

Instagram: @mishmreow

16. When your eyeliner wins in a battle against the elements.

Soaking wet but eyeliner still on fleek 💪🏽

17. When you discover a new technique for getting your eyeliner perfect.

Youtube: Eimer McElheron / Via

18. When someone says your eyeliner game is strong.


19. And when someone asks you for tips so they can get their eyeliner just like yours.