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19 Incredibly Satisfying Pictures For People Who Really Love Eyeliner

When you get those wings even on the first try.

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1. When you get a new gel eyeliner that's all smooth and unsullied.

Untouched eyeliner is so satisfying to look at @ChrissyCostanza

4. When you add to your impressive eyeliner collection.

Instagram: @stanzie

5. When you manage the perfect, blended winged eyeliner for your smoky eye.

Instagram: @makeupthang

10. And the result is pure perfection.

11. When you experiment with eyeliner styles and hit on a new favourite.

12. When you swatch a new eyeliner and it's super pigmented.

Instagram: @makeup

So you're not going over the same bit four times.


13. When you treat yo self (or someone else treats you) to some seriously high-end eyeliner.

Instagram: @lajoliebyhala

14. Or you find an inexpensive one that exceeds your expectations.

Instagram: @yourstruly

15. When you use a new felt-tip eyeliner and the liner just ~flows~ so nicely.

Instagram: @mishmreow

16. When your eyeliner wins in a battle against the elements.

Soaking wet but eyeliner still on fleek 💪🏽