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13 Infuriating AF Pictures Of Movie Theatres That Deserve To Be Loudly Booed

The drinks you buy from a cinema should probably fit their cup holders.

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1. This sign that is not getting its message across effectively.

2. This cinema with a big ol' rail blocking the view.

3. This cinema bathroom with very poorly placed urinals.

4. And this one that allows a single, private urinal.

5. And this place that is sending some seriously mixed messages.

6. This one that robs you of enjoying that sweet middle seat.

7. This voyeuristic bathroom which is extremely poorly designed.

8. This movie theatre that is just pretending the letter "i" doesn't exist.

9. This not-great attempt at replacing a cinema chair.

10. This movie theatre whose water bottles don't fit their own cup holders.

11. This bathroom where the mirror placement just wasn't thought through.

12. This elevator that isn't super helpful if you want to get to the cinema.

13. And this cinema that decided people at the back can use a wall as their backrest.

H/t r/mildlyinfuriating and r/crappydesign!