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21 Things That Happen When You Have A Really Massive Dog

RIP to all the cups broken by your dog's powerful, swishy tail.

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1. Your dog has a tendency to underestimate its size.

He doesn't realize that he is too big for our little dog's bed πŸ˜‚

2. And you've had the leg-numbing experience of them using you as a seat.

Because they think they're a lap dog.

Because they think they're a lap dog.

3. Harnesses are your best friend when taking your big dog for walks.

Instagram: @minasayss

4. And even when walking your dog is going just fine, some randomer will comment "it looks like that dog is taking YOU for a walk".

Yes, how droll.
Twitter: @benebesky / Via Twitter: @benebesky

Yes, how droll.

5. No food is truly safe on the counter.

Instagram: @puppytalesrescue

6. Being practically human-sized means they act pretty human sometimes.

Instagram: @whosyour_mackdaddy

7. You've used them as a comfy pillow before.

8. And a footrest.

9. Car journeys mean you end up in extremely close proximity to your pet.

Instagram: @wheresmyhousekey

"HEY HUMAN!" – your dog, probably, as it leans it's GIANT face over the back of your seat.

10. If they fall asleep on you, you know you're not going anywhere for a while.

Currently can't move because my dog fell asleep on meπŸ’€

11. Ditto when they block a door.

When you need to use the bathroom but your weirdo dog is blocking your door. πŸ˜‚ #greyhound

Because it's not like you can pick them up.

12. Or when they decide mid-walk that they fancy just sitting for a while.

This keeps happening when im walking josies normal dog decides to sit and chill mid walk!

13. So you've maybe occasionally resorted to bribery.

Instagram: @usarungame

14. Sometimes you can't comprehend that at one point, they were small enough for you to carry.

Instagram: @dr

15. Washing them involves getting absolutely drenched.

16. You know that their giant wagging tail, plus any nearby glass, will usually result in an accident.

My dog's tail literally just broke a glass table

17. And the pain of when that weighty tail hits you in the face.

Lmao my mom asked my dog if she wanted a treat so she started wagging her tail and hit me in the faceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

18. You know the sad truth that big dogs = big poos πŸ’©

Fox / Via

Let me just grab two carrier bags and half a roll of tissue to pick up this MONSTROSITY my dog created.

19. And that big dogs are the ultimate sofa hogs.

Instagram: @bearahbrooks

20. But they are excellent companions to nap with.

Instagram: @katieamcmahon

21. And they are second-to-none when you need a hug.

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