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    Updated on Mar 17, 2019. Posted on Sep 20, 2016

    20 Tumblr Posts About Food That Are Honestly So Damn Real

    "Serving size: 4. Yeah, all 4 me".

    1. This tragedy.

    2. This euphoric moment.

    3. This undeniable truth.

    4. And this example of having your priorities in order.

    5. This love story.

    6. This summary of how portions work.

    7. This dream lifestyle.

    8. This discussion on the merits and pitfalls of healthy eating.

    9. This really good point about the word "potato".

    10. This difference between kids' and adults' cereals.

    11. This pun that kind of takes a minute.

    12. This straight-up fact.

    13. This cooking struggle.

    14. This rude wake-up call.

    15. These differing lifestyles.

    16. This culinary experience.

    17. And this wonderful feeling.

    18. This carb-related blessing.

    19. This change in attitude whenever you eat a salad.

    20. And this appropriate response to someone asking you to share your food.


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