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These Women Had The Best Responses To Tampons Being Considered A "Luxury" Item

Can't wait to go home and treat myself to a nice hot bath, a box of chocolates, and a luxurious tampon.

After MPs voted against a motion forcing the Treasury to challenge Brussels over the “tampon tax”, some women have taken to Twitter to point out just how ridiculous the idea of tampons as a luxury item actually is.

1. This woman knows how to unwind ~luxuriously~.

Having a pamper session. It's so nice to surround yourself with luxury now and then #tampontax

2. Because sometimes you just need to treat yourself.

Treated myself to a luxury today! Now away to buy the essentials like a helicopter & cake decorations😊 #tampontax

3. You owe it to yourself to have nice things.

Long day at work today. Think I'll treat myself with a bath, some Milk Tray and maybe a luxury tampon #tampontax

4. And we all deserve to indulge now and again.

We all deserve a bit of luxury #tampontax

5. Who could resist? 😍

Had some extra money in the bank so thought I'd treat myself to some LUXURY ITEMS 😍😍😍😍😍 #tampontax

6. Especially when they come in such nice colours.

Pure indulgence!! Living the life of luxury with my selection of sanitary products!! 😍😍#tampontax #TamponsForAll

7. Who doesn't love pearls?

Here we have the finest pocket sized luxury hand crafted from real pearls #TamponTax

8. And why settle for anything less than luxury?

Just had to decide whether to stick the silver plated or diamond encrusted tampon up my vagina. #luxury

9. Go on and have that sanitary splurge.

Mm yes pads are such a luxury, count down the days till I can splurge on a fit packet of always 😍

10. Especially if you're having an off day.

Felt a bit rubbish so bought myself some sanitary towels and I might go for a luxury tampon massage later.

11. Besides, tampons are as versatile as they are luxurious.

Luxuriating with my luxurious luxury item #tampontax #luxury

12. So when that payday comes round...

Since it's payday I might treat myself to a little luxury and buy some sanitary towels 🙄🙄🙄

13. Treat. Yo. Self.

Love that fresh new tampon feeling. So luxurious. #tampontax


Last month, MPs voted against a Labour motion forcing the Treasury to challenge Brussels over the "tampon tax". An original version of this article incorrectly stated they had voted against scrapping the tax.