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    18 Things You'll Understand If Your Dog Sheds A Lot Of Damn Hair

    Your favourite way to accessorise an outfit? Dog hair.

    1. Your legs tend to look like this after cuddling your dog.

    2. You constantly mistake their little fur clumps for rodents, even though you're kind of used to them now.

    3. This slightly gross occurrence doesn't even faze you anymore.

    after a few years of owning a great pyrenees, you get to a point where accidentally eating dog hair no longer bothers you

    4. And neither does a bit of dog hair in your eye.

    5. Brushing your dog always results in sore arms and a giant, furry cotton candy ball.

    6. And there's so damn much you could practically make a second dog.

    7. Sometimes you make sure to do it on a windy day, so that the hair will drift away like giant, slightly gross dandelions rather than gather in a pile on the floor.

    8. You're often confused as to how, despite all this, they still have a full coat.

    9. On occasion, when you pet them you find this little...treat in your hand.

    10. Your two least favourite words are "moulting season".

    11. Your dog's hair even finds a way to you when they're not nearby.

    12. You know washing clothes to get dog hair off is futile because it usually comes out with more dog hair.

    13. You get through these at an alarmingly fast rate.

    14. But when you can't be bothered, you just own your dog-hair-covered look.

    15. Because it's a subtle signal to the world that says, "That's right, I own a dog."

    16. When wrapping presents, your loved ones often get an extra gift.

    17. You vacuum twice as much as anyone you know.

    18. But it's all really a very small price to pay for having a dog who's majestic AF.